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HWA Certification Grading

1. In principle, "HWA" stands for Hi-Res Wireless Audio and is based on the announcement of Huawei and Savitech on the March 27, 2018, to ensure the sound quality of wireless audio. 

2. HWA certification grading has three different level including Gold, Platinum. Applicable products defines is to fulfill the following specification.


           (1) LHDC Bluetooth Codec implemented (Please contact Savitech)

         <Analog process > (DAC Capability)

           (1) Platinum: Frequency response over 40Khz, THD+N<-90dB, SNR>110dB

           (2) Gold: Frequency response over 20Khz, THD+N<-80dB, SNR>100dB



         <Digital process>

           (1) Platinum: Capability of playback using the 24bit/96Khz format or above

           (2) Gold: Capability of playback using the 24bit/48Khz format or above



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