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HWA版本升级公告 (2019年 5月 29日)

1. 高清无线蓝牙音频协议 HWA 自推出以来,在音质表现上得到了众多厂商和用户的认可。为给大家持续带来良好的 HWA 体验,近期,HWA 发布了新 HWA 版本。

2. 即便此次 HWA 版本更新优化颇多,为了更好的体验,建议各授权厂商新批次产品出厂标配新 HWA 版本,已经购买用户可根据厂商指引,将产品升级到新 HWA 版本使用。

3. 郑重提示:HWA 将会持续更新优化,但不管后期升级跨度多大,我们都会提前知会各授权厂商,并要求同时发布最新版本。因此,不同版本的 HWA 会存在兼容性的差异,但不存在封禁某个厂商及其产品的现象。


HWA upgrade announcement (29 May 2019)

1. Since the launch of high-definition wireless Bluetooth audio codec HWA, its sound quality performance has been recognized by many manufacturers and users alike. In order to further the HWA experience, HWA have recently released a new version of the codec.

2. With the objective of achieving a better experience, the HWA codec is updated and optimized, it is recommended that the new products from all licensed manufacturers be shipped with the updated HWA codec. Users of existing products supporting HWA can look forward to upgrade their product to the updated HWA codec with the support of the respective manufacturer.


3. HWA will continue to be updated and optimized, however regardless of the degree of enhancement, all licensed manufacturers will be informed in advance, and will be requested to support the latest version of the codec for better user experience. While, there will be compatibility differences between different versions of the codec, there will be no phenomenon of blocking any licensed manufacturer and its products.

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